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Teserae was first created on the Atari ST by The Albanian Sausage Corporation - a sort of game and a demo with great music and whizzy scrolling backgrounds. I remade a version for the Amiga in the early 1990's to help learn some of the machines features.

Guide the Tetris shapes to form neat lines with no gaps. Each time a line is completed it is removed from the screen and everything moves down. Complete several lines to proceed to the next, faster level. But you know how Tetris works, right?

Huge thanks to .ΛRTΣTΛTΞ·DIGITΛL. for resurrecting Teserae and creating a cool start up DOS screen and getting everything ready to run.

 Created for the Amiga 500 but also runs on the 600 and 1200.


Teserae.zip 42 kB


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nice. What is new about this 2020 release?

It's the same game. Might have some minor changes to the text.

ah ok many thanks :)