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A Halloween game of survival against a hoard of ghosts and zombies.  Defeat the evil witch Hazel to release the curse.

A game for the Commodore Vic 20 with a 16K RAM expansion.  Joystick required.

How to Pumpkid

  1. Avoid the spooky
  2. Get magic candy
  3. Zap the witch

Every year witch Hazel descends upon the town and transforms a child into a haunted pumpkin ready for harvest on All' Hallows Eve.

But all is not lost...

Fend off the witch with your candy hoard to avoid your fate on Halloween.

Beat the witch on this night to break the curse of the Pumpkid.


Use the joystick to move Pumpkid around the cemetery avoiding all the spooky ghosts.  The witch will be flying around on her broomstick and will take a life if she catches you.  At midnight, the un-dead will rise from their graves so be quick.

Collect the magic candy that appears, you can carry up to 6 at a time, and fire it at the witch.  A direct hit will weaken her.  Six hits and she will flea, only to return the next night

Beat witch Hazel on Halloween to break the curse.  

Every so often you might come across a lost child, rescue them to be rewarded with an extra life.

You have until morning to beat the witch each night.

How to play on a Real Vic 20 or on an Emulator

Pumpkid will need a real Vic 20 computer with a 16K RAM or larger expansion fitted, or through an emulator on a modern computer.

To play on the VICE emulator in Windows:

  1. Start the xvic emulator.
  2. From the Settings menu, select Vic 20 settings...
  3. From the Memory dialog, select the 16K (blocks 1/2) expansion option and click OK.
  4. From the File menu, select Reset --> Hard.
  5. The Vic 20 should now show 19967 BYTES FREE.
  6. Drag the pumpkid.prg file and drop it on the emulator window to autoload it (you can also use the File --> Autostart disk/tape image...).
  7. Go to the Joystick settings to set up a joystick, or to use the keyboard as a joystick.
  8. Enjoy the game!

To play on a real Vic 20 you will need to transfer the PRG file to a format the Vic can read.  I've used a SD2IEC card reader to play it. 

To play on an SD2IEC card reader you will need to have prepared the SD card with the CBMFileBrowser loader (see instructions that came with your reader or this site) and copy the pumpkid.prg to the SD card.  Then load your file browser with the BASIC command below and select pumpkid.prg to load and start playing:

  • LOAD"*",8


Find out about more upcoming games at the hewco.uk website or follow my progress on the Hewco Facebook page

Hope you enjoy the game.  

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Tags8-Bit, commodore, Commodore 64, Halloween, Spooky, VIC-20


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Awesome game. Really nice use of VIC20 graphics and sound. Pumpkid would be a super hit back in the day.

Thank you!

Here is a CJM file for THEC64 and THEVIC20 


You will need to name the CJM file the same as the file on your USB drive, but with a CJM extension. So if the game in your folder is called pumkinkid.prg, create a CJM file called pumkinkid.cjm

Great game, thanks!

Thanks Shaun, glad you like it :)