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An unexpanded Vic 20 game for the ASCII BASIC 10 Liner Jam! #asciibasic10liner

Use keys WAS and D to change direction. Get the ball into the hole  before you run out of moves. Don't run into anything else!

Status panel:

  1. First number is the number of moves you have remaining
  2. Second number is your score

The text file contains the code <=72 characters, although please note the Vic 20 uses single character codes for clearing the screen, moving the cursor and so on. In the text file, these are descriptors such as {clear}, {home} and {left}. The text file also has the listed version which expands the shortcuts/tokens. Also see the screenshots of the code listed.

Install instructions

Download and extract the PRG from the ZIP file. Start a Vic 20 emulator set up for an unexpanded Vic 20. Drag and drop the PRG onto the emulator, or use the autostart menu to load it.

For a real vic 20, the easiest way is to use an SD2IEC device. Transfer the PRG to an SD card and load from it.

The text file contains the source code listed and each line of the program described.


gohole.zip 517 bytes
go-hole.txt 2 kB

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