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It is 2020. It has been 2020 forever. It will be 2020 forever more. You must escape 2020.

Collect all 44 keys from the rooms of 2020 and find the exit to escape. Your task won't be easy. There are monsters roaming the many rooms and they aren't looking to be your friend. Blast them before you become their dinner. Oh, did I say they have acid for blood? Well of course they do, this is 2020 afterall.

Use the joystick to run around and shoot. Watch out when entering a room - you'll only get a second to avoid any monsters that are close by.

The game is available to play for free, but small donations are most welcome. Happy new year 2021, let's hope it's a good one. 

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Tags8-Bit, commodore, Retro, VIC-20


escape2020.zip 20 kB
escape2020_disk.zip 5 kB

Install instructions

Tape version

The ZIP contains a TAP file which can be loaded into a real Vic 20 with Tapino or recorded to a tape.

The TAP file can be attached or loaded on a emulator or on TheC64 / TheVic20.

Press SHIFT and RUN/STOP keys to load. (on emulator this is usually Shift and Esc).

Press play on tape when prompted (on emulators this will be under the file menu or datasette menu).

Disk version

The ZIP contains a D64 file which can be loaded into a real Vic 20 on a real disk drive (if imaged) or on an SD2IEC device or BackBit and other modern hardware expansions.

The D64 can be attached or loaded on an emulator or on TheC64 / TheVic20 (contains a CJM file to make this simpler).




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Excellent game, and a great tribute to Rock Man and RIP The Game by Mastertronic


very good

very good !!!!